In September last year, Finland's MultiTouch revealed an Ultra High Definition 84-inch MultiTaction display at its annual developer conference. Though made available for pre-order a few weeks later, the high resolution, monster cells won't actually go into production until later this year. Meanwhile New Mexico's Ideum has announced that 4K versions of its 55-, 65- and 100-inch multitouch tables and interactive walls will start to ship from later this month.

The four-fold resolution upgrades will be available on the Ideum's 55-inch Platform and Pro models, its 55- and 65-inch Presenter touch walls, the 55- and 65-inch versions of the recently-announced Drafting models, and the enormous 100-inch Pano. The company's Jim Spadaccini also told Gizmag that "we are already filling our first order for an 8K, 100-inch table."

Unveiled last month, the new Platform Drafting Table's display is angled at 30 degrees for a digital take on architectural, design and construction drawing tables. Housed in aircraft-grade aluminum, and coming with a fully-integrated Core i7 PC, the 3840 x 2160 resolution 55- and 65-inch models can support up to 40 simultaneous touch points, benefit from a 7 ms touch response time and boast Wireless-N, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB connectivity.

The UHD Platform, Pro and Drafting tables are due to ship later this month, with the 7540 x 2160 resolution Pano table and Presenter touch walls following in February. Each multitouch table and touch wall comes with Windows 7 or 8, a lifetime license for the company's GestureWorks SDK authoring package, and GestureWorks Gameplay. Standard HD table and wall configurations continue to be available.

Source: Ideum

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