LTC demonstrates plug-in Prius Hybrid with 125+ mpg fuel efficiency

LTC demonstrates plug-in Prius Hybrid with 125+ mpg fuel efficiency
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May 25, 2007 Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) yesterday unveiled a retrofitted Toyota Prius, with plug-in capabilities allowing for 125+ miles per gallon fuel efficiency, which is powered by the Company’s unique battery technology. The battery for the Prius utilizes LTC’s new product line of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, the largest cells of their kind in the world, which are considered to be the technology of choice for car manufacturers.

“We are delighted to demonstrate and deliver the technology that the automotive industry has been searching for today,” commented Dr. Klaus Brandt, chief executive officer of LTC. “While others have estimated up to a year to deliver the technology, we are proud to show the world that we have the technology and are committed to making hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles a reality for all consumers in the safest way.”

The 7 kWh battery comprised of 63 of LTC’s iron phosphate cells has achieved 125+ MPG. LTC’s large format technology allows for more reliable battery systems with a significantly lower number of cells. The battery management system (BMS) is more precise monitoring fewer cells, keeping them in balance for best performance and preventing damage to the battery due to over voltage, under voltage, over temperature and short circuit.

From our highways, to the depths of the ocean and up into space, LTC is powering the world in extraordinary ways. Key partners and customers joined in the event to demonstrate a range of vehicles from the automotive and military markets. Phoenix International representatives were on hand with one of the xBot Remote Operated Vehicles used on to explore the RMS TITANIC. The batteries powering the vehicles are amongst the safest lithium-ion batteries in the world for their energy density

“We are proud of our strategic partnerships which continue to afford us the opportunity to explore and develop new technologies and to break new ground,” remarks Brandt. “Through partners including Phoenix International, Penn State, Phostech and University of Delph, we have made great strides in the military and automotive markets.”

LTC, a global provider of large lithium-ion rechargeable power solutions has focused solely on the development and production of large format lithium-ion batteries for more than twenty years. The Company manufactures a range of cells with two different types of chemistries. Both chemistries coupled with the company’s innovative end-to-end manufacturing processes and proprietary design and assembly techniques, allow LTC to provide large high performance cells unmatched by any other product.

About Lithium Technology Corporation

Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) is a global provider of large format rechargeable power solutions for diverse applications, and offers the largest lithium-ion cells with the highest power of any standard commercial lithium ion cell produced in the western hemisphere. With more than 20 years of experience, LTC leverages its extensive expertise in high power and large battery assemblies to commercialize advanced lithium batteries as a new power source in the military and national security systems, transportation and stationary power markets.

LTC manufactures the GAIA product line of large, high power hermetically sealed rechargeable lithium-ion cells and batteries. The Company's product portfolio includes large cells and batteries from 10 times the capacity of a standard laptop computer battery to 100,000 times greater. LTC manufactures a variety of standard cells that are assembled into custom large batteries complete with electronics (battery management systems) and electronics to communicate with other components of the system for performance monitoring.

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