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New ROKR range from Motorola

The new Motorola ROKR EM30.
The new Motorola ROKR EM30.
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The new Motorola ROKR EM30.
The new Motorola ROKR EM30.
The MOTOROKR EQ7 Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker System.
The MOTOROKR EQ7 Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker System.
the MOTOROKR EQ5 Ultra-Portable Wireless Speakers.
the MOTOROKR EQ5 Ultra-Portable Wireless Speakers.

August 7, 2008 Motorola has expanded its ROKR range with the introduction of three new units in a range of styles. The lineup includes the candybar MOTOROKR EM30, clamshell ROKR EM28 and the slider ROKR EM25 to ensure whatever your preference there’s a phone for you – those still hankering for a Motorola shoe phone will have to wait.

In addition to the basics of talking and texting the ROKR EM30 is designed with music in mind with loaded high-fidelity audio and fast MP3 download capability through compatibility with Windows Media Player 11 to download music from more than 200 online music stores worldwide. The candybar MOTOROKR EM30 also employs color to let you know what mode – phone or music player – the unit is in. Motorola calls this ModeShift technology, with the keys illuminating red in music mode and, with the touch of a button, switching to a blue keypad in phone mode. The phone also runs on the LiMo Platform, the industry’s first collaboratively developed, Linux-based operating system for mobile devices.

For those that prefer the clamshell form factor the ROKR EM28 employs touch-sensitive keys that appear only when they’re needed. The front of the phone shows the name of the artist and song without even opening the flip. Its music credentials include a 3D sound effect, designed to give music a surround-sound quality, an audio equalizer that provides 11 pre-set music genres, including rock, reggae and pop while doof doof fans can boost the bass up to nine decibels.

The slider design of the ROKR EM25 gives users access to their stored music library and built-in FM radio with a flick of the thumb. It has a dedicated music key to access the stored music. FMShare lets users share a favorite station with friends by sending it in a text message while SONGID technology lets users uncover new music by identifying a song while out and about.

All of the new ROKR models are GSM phones that support multiple digital music formats including MP3 and feature an FM radio with Radio Data System (RDS) technology to display the artist and song info on the handset. The standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack lets you use the headset of your choice while stereo Bluetooth wireless technology lets consumers connect to their favorite wired or compatible wireless speakers and headsets.

For those that prefer to share their tunes with – or impose them on – others, Motorola have also released a series of ROKR portable speakers that connect to the phones either wired or via Bluetooth and also function as a speaker phone.

The MOTOROKR EQ7 Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker System uses four powerful JBL speakers to deliver rich, full sound with deep bass, while stereo Bluetooth wireless technology (A2DP) connects the speaker system wirelessly with any compatible Bluetooth enabled device. The speakers can also be connected to non-Bluetooth devices such as an MP3 player with the included 3.5mm audio cable. When using the device as a speaker phone noise and echo reduction technology are employed to enhance the sound quality. The EQ7 runs for up to six hours on four AA batteries while the included AC power adapter can be used when the batteries give out.

Designed to be even more portable are the MOTOROKR EQ5 Ultra-Portable Wireless Speakers which allow users to play music and take calls with the unit that fits comfortably in a pocket. The EQ5 also stereo Bluetooth wireless technology and includes a 3.5 mm audio cable to connect with non-Bluetooth devices. It features SRS WOW HD audio enhancement technology for high definition, stereo surround sound while enhanced sound quality during speakerphone calls is achieved with noise and echo reduction technology and radio frequency shielding to help prevent static interference. The rechargeable, non-replaceable battery can run for up to six hours on a single charge through the MicroUSB port which also allows for simultaneous playing and charging.

The ROKR EM30 is expected to launch first in Taiwan then in other markets throughout the quarter, while ROKR EM28 and ROKR EM25 will be available later this quarter around the globe. The MOTOROKR EQ7 and EQ5 are available now for US$199.99 and US$119.99 respectively.

For further info visit Motorola.

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