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Nokia release world's first GSM push-to-talk handset

Nokia release world's first GSM push-to-talk handset
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Saturday November 15, 2003

"Walkie-talkie" style push-to-talk functionality, an in-built digital compass, a VGA camera, a flash-light and a splash-resistant housing are among the features of the new sports oriented Nokia 5140 phone. Unveiled in New York this week, the handset is expected to reach Australian shores in the second quarter 2004 with the first of its kind push-to-talk function set to become increasingly common on future Nokia handsets.

The push-to-talk feature enables quick connection to one person, or to a group of people, by using the side-mounted key. The function is a half-duplex voice over IP (VoIP) solution using the existing GPRS and EDGE data networks that are part of current GSM systems.

The sport and outdoor focus includes an interval timer and stopwatch plus a "Fitness Coach" feature that uses training regimens based on professionally recommended training principles.

The integrated digital compass displays the direction both graphically and numerically and an FM radio is also integrated into the handset.

Nokia 5140 phone will be available in Australia in the second quarter 2004. Visit for more details.

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