Canadian company NOMAD Homes has produced a new concept micro-home that measures just 100 sq ft (9.2 sq m), ships as a flat-pack, can operate off-grid, and is said to be easy-to-build. The firm has turned to Indiegogo to raise funds for manufacturing, and eventually intends to sell the base version of the home for under US$25,000.

The micro-dwelling shoe-horns a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs sleeping area into its small physical footprint, and is offered in three versions, with included features depending on price.

The base model sports kitchen cabinets, shelving, plenty of storage space, laminate flooring, lighting, and prewired electrical outlets. Shelling out more cash brings additions like a solar power system, grey water treatment and rainwater collection, while a wooden deck can also be added to offer some additional outdoor space.

Construction materials include metal structural insulated panels and galvanized metal siding, with baseboards and trim made from MDF. The company promises that the NOMAD Micro Home will be termite-, moisture-, and fire-resistant, and cites disaster relief, student accommodation, and low-income housing as potential uses for the unit.

The NOMAD Micro Home is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. Should all go well, the proposed starting price for the base model is CAD$25,000 (or around US$24,000).

Of course, it can be a long, rocky road before crowd-funded concepts evolve from computer renders into hard reality, but it's an interesting project that we'll be keeping an eye on.

If you're so inclined, the video below features the obligatory pitch.

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