Nvidia has announced that a range of laptops will launch this month that take advantage of its G-Sync technology. Previously only available through a limited number of supported displays, the tech works to eliminate stutter and screen tearing when playing games.

If you've spent much time PC gaming, then you've likely encountered screen tearing. Essentially, it's where the video feed and display refresh rate aren't in sync, leading to info from more than one frame being shown simultaneously.

Nvidia G-Sync technology is designed to tackle the irksome issue by working to match the display's refresh rate to the output of the video card in real time. Up until now, you've had to pick up a G-Sync-enabled monitor to take advantage of the fix.

Well, there's good news on that front, with Nvidia announcing that it's taking the technology into the portable space. G-Sync-packing gaming notebooks from Asus, Aorus, Clevo and MSI will all launch later this month, giving users a choice of single or dual GPU setups, and resolutions up to 4K on displays ranging from 15.6 to 17.3 inches.

The new hardware coincides with some new features for G-Sync, including Windowed Mode support and the ability to control the behavior of the display's refresh rate. If you're already using a G-Sync enabled display, those features are available now via a driver update.

Source: Nvidia

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