The Piggyback Rider Backpack is the latest way to carry your child on your back. The newest models add more storage capabilities to the Piggyback Rider system, which lets your child essentially stand on your back.

Introduced last summer, the Piggyback Rider is a newer spin on the classic child carrier. Unlike other carriers, it allows your child to essentially stand over your shoulders and head, giving him or her a better vantage point for viewing parades, wildlife, and other other attractions and events. The device includes two shoulder straps, a chest strap, and a foot bar that the child stands on. A safety harness keeps the child tethered to you, and he holds onto two grab handles to keep stable. It's recommended for children 2 1/2 years or older and 60 lbs. (27 kg) or less.

In addition to providing a more engaging experience for the child, the Piggyback Rider's design centers the child's weight on your core, so your shoulders don't get sore or fatigued. The carrier is designed for on- and off-the-grid adventures like hiking the forest, attending spectator events and walking the mall.

At last year's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market industry trade show, the newly introduced Piggyback Rider earned itself a Best New Product Award. Piggyback Rider is hoping to ride some of that momentum into this summer's show in introducing the new Piggyback Rider XL Backpack. Unlike the original model, which is basically just a shoulder harness and frame, the new model is a full day pack with the foot bar integrated into its own pouch. Dads and moms can use it to haul gear at the same time as carrying their children.

The XL Backpack's foot bar packs away, allowing it to work like any other backpack while your child walks next to you. If your child gets tired, the foot bar deploys easily, letting you carry her on your back. A rep told us that the bulk of the full backpack rests between the child's legs, allowing for a comfortable ride.

Piggyback Rider is also introducing the all-new Hydrider model. It is similar to the traditional Piggyback Rider, but adds extra storage room for carrying hydration bladders.

The basic Piggyback Rider retails for US$90. The XL Backpack model costs $140, and the Hydrider costs $150.

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