Ah, cats. No matter how much cash you drop on a new playhouse for your moggie, it will invariably mock your generosity by sleeping in a cardboard box instead. With this in mind, Blocks is a cardboard flatpack kit that assembles into modular cat playhouses, thus letting you lovingly craft a unique piece of feline architecture that your cat will still probably ignore.

Blocks is the work of Dutch cat litter purveyor Poopy Cat, and consists of multiple cardboard flatpack modules that are folded and joined together with reusable cardboard connector pieces. The most basic kit comprises two beams, two cubes, a tunnel, bridge, a ramp, and two types of connectors – all made from recycled cardboard that can be painted.

The units come in various shapes and sizes, though the entrance holes measure between 12 - 20 cm (4.7 - 7.5 in). The designers assure us that Blocks has been tested with multiple breeds, and sizes – though I can't see my own poopy cat Luna fitting through some of the smaller sections without a squeeze ...

Blocks is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, and as of writing, the cheapest pledge point remaining to hopefully snag a basic "Leopardo Dicatrio" kit is €30 (US$35), with an eventual estimated shipping time of March, 2015 – assuming, as with all these crowdfunding campaigns, that all goes to plan.

The pitch video below shows the would-be product in further detail.

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