If you’re a guy who shaves in the shower, you no doubt know the frustration of trying to keep your shaving mirror fog-free. In some bathrooms, even just the installation of such a mirror can be tricky, as can positioning yourself to use it. Squarely addressing these conundrums is the Reflect, a combination showerhead and non-fogging mirror.

The Reflect has a flat, square reflective front surface. The top part acts as the mirror, while the water sprays out of five rows of holes in the bottom. To get to those holes, the hot water has to first travel through the top section, thus warming it up and keeping condensation from forming. It’s actually quite a clever idea, enough so that the product has won a bronze Spark design award, and was a finalist in this year’s International Design Excellence Awards.

The Reflect will reportedly be available later this month, at a price of US$295. It will be interesting to see what people think of its rectangular spray pattern, once it hits the stores.

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