Renault is now taking online reservations for its Twizy two-seater all-electric micro car ahead of its launch in Europe later this year. The announcement made at the Barcelona Motor Show relates to two models – the Twizy 45, which is equipped with a five-horsepower (4 kW) electric motor, and the Twizy, which is equipped with a 17 hp (13 kW) motor and comes in Urban or Technic trims. However, the purchase prices for all variants, which start at EUR6,990 for the Twizy 45, don't include the battery, which will be leased from the company for a monthly fee.

The Twizy, which made its first official appearance at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, features a compact tandem design that places the single passenger directly behind the driver.

Both the Twizy and Twizy 45 boast a range of 100 km (62 miles) and can recharge from a standard 10 amp electrical outlet in around 3.5 hours. While the Twizy Urban and Technic can reach a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph), the Twizy 45 is capped to 45 km/h (28 mph) – hence its name.

The Twizy 45's limited top speed means the vehicle can be driven without a license in certain countries with Renault pitching the vehicle at younger drivers – or their parents – looking for a safer, more comfortable transport option than a motorbike.

The Twizy 45 will set buyers back EUR6,990 (approx. US$9,930) with an additional EUR45 (approx. US$64) a month for the li-ion battery. The Twizy Urban carries a purchase price of EUR7,690 (approx. US$10,930) with EUR49 (approx. US$70) a month for leasing the battery, while the Twizy Technic goes for EUR8,490 (approx. US$12,065), again with the battery leased at EUR49 a month.

European customers can reserve their choice of Twizy online now with a EUR20 deposit.

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