Sandgrabber solves age old problem of the runaway beach umbrella

Sandgrabber solves age old problem of the runaway beach umbrella
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August 5, 2007 Several factors can detract from a relaxing day at the beach – sunburn, bugs, and sudden gusts of wind taking your umbrella away. But while sunscreen and bug repellent are useful against the former two irritations, they form a less than effective protection against wind guided umbrella missiles. A solution to this problem is offered byThe Original Sandgrabber, a device designed to secure beach umbrellas very firmly to the ground, making beach holidays safer and eliminating the hassle of playing umbrella chasey.

Constructed of white powder-coated steel, the Sandgrabber will hold a brolly in place against winds of up to 50 kilometers per hour according to the manufacturers. Its big advantage resides in its small stature – the 33 centimeter (13 inch) long device weighs just 75 grams making it easy to transport to and from the beach or park. The secret of its strength lies in the patented coil at the base which, together with a fluted stabilizing platform three quarters of the way up its tubular shaft, bites into the sand preventing side to side movement.

After receiving an admission to the US Inventors Hall of Fame, The Sandgrabber is now digging its way into the Australian market. Distributed by KPW Products Australia, The Original Sandgrabber is available from selected retailers and securely online for AUD$31.90.

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