Hot on the heels of the recently released slotRadio player is the latest addition to SanDisk's ever-expanding family of personal music players, the Sansa Clip+. An update of the popular Sansa Clip, the unit boasts the inclusion of a microSD card slot, offering not only memory-expanding capabilities but compatibility with SanDisk's pre-loaded offerings.

The addition of a microSD card slot means users now have the option of either loading tracks of their own or making use of SanDisk's preloaded slotMusic and slotRadio cards. By adding microSD compatibility, a user can opt to load up virtually thousands more songs without using their Sansa Clip+’s internal memory. The ability to “slot and go” will surely be welcome news for those either too time poor or perhaps less tech-savvy to spend time downloading and creating their own playlists.

Once again featuring a wearable clip (as its namesake suggests) the Sansa Clip+ boasts “superior sound” and a 1” OLED screen, and returns with familiar features like a built-in microphone, equalizer and FM tuner. No photo or video capabilities here but, with even the 8G model coming in at well under $100, the emphasis is on affordable music for the masses. Battery life is around 15 hours on a charge and the units are available in red, blue or black.

The Sansa Clip+ is available from the SanDisk website in 2G, 4G and 8G models priced at USD$39.99, USD$49.99 and USD$69.99 respectively.

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