You can only make tiny houses so wide while remaining road legal, so tiny house firm Tiny Idahomes borrowed a neat trick from RV's and trailers and has installed slide-outs in several of its homes. Its most recent model is currently on the market for US$68,899 and features a dining room, bedroom, and lounge that slide out with the push of a button.

The unnamed towable tiny house is legally classified as an RV and measures 26 ft (7.9 m) long. It's actually being used as a demo model by the firm and still needs a little finishing up before being sold.

The roof is metal and it's clad in board and batten siding, while the interior walls are finished in white painted ply. Inside, once in its expanded state, it comprises a maximum total floorspace of 250 sq ft (23 sq m). It's unusable when not expanded and would only be left like this for transport.

The interior includes a pretty generous looking U-shaped kitchen, a small-ish bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, and a small storage room. The three A-frame slide-out sections are used to increase space in the bedroom (which is on the ground floor), the lounge, and the dining area.

The slide-outs are electrically operated and contain two metal rails on each side that are powered by a 12 V electric motor. Tiny Idahomes also told us that the homes have triple-seal protection and a built-in gutter to ensure no water gets inside.

The tiny house gets power from an RV hookup or can be connected to a solar unit, while the oven is operated with propane. There's also two 12 V batteries on board. Four water tanks store fresh water, toilet waste and the like, and the walls, floor, and ceiling are each rated to an R-value of R-15.

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