• From world exploration to safer commuting, Torsus has quickly adapted the design of its Praetorian 4x4 bus to the needs of different users. Its latest adaptation is sure to make children grumble: a 4x4 school bus that could eliminate all snow days.
  • With the pandemic sidelining its sister tourism business, Mybushotel turns to selling school bus campers. The "B-Hotel" conversions are roomier than camper vans, more mobile than chalets, and filled with features like rooftop decks and smart TVs.
  • A vehicle built to make school travel greener across the US has gained a little more traction this week, with Daimler’s Thomas Built Buses entering an agreement to provide 50 all-electric Jouley buses for the state of Virginia.
  • Back in 2016, Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD rolled out a 10.2 meter-long electric double-decker bus in London. Now transit companies have got a new emissions-free people carrier to help ease inner city air pollution and traffic congestion thanks to Hyundai Motor.​
  • Buses are a humble part of the urban backdrop you barely notice unless you're chasing one. No longer. Torsus is destroying that mold with a bus that's anything but humble. The all-new Praetorian 4x4 is a rugged off-road utility vehicle ... with a few dozen more seats.
  • ​The perks of a cup of coffee don’t have to end when the grounds are dumped in the trash. Now a London-based company has partnered with Shell to turn the leftovers from this human go-juice into biofuel to help run the English capital’s expansive bus network.
  • Toyota has unveiled a concept vehicle to be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, the Sora fuel cell bus. The bus is aimed for production in 2018, with more than 100 of them to be used in the Tokyo metropolitan area ahead of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • ​​If you were in either San Francisco or LA, and wanted to arrive in the other city first thing in the morning, you'd have to catch quite an early flight. Well, Cabin offers a more restful alternative. Its sleeping-cabin-equipped buses run overnight between the two cities.​
  • Daimler has turned to 3D printing for replacement parts in buses. The move allows complex interior components to be economically made in small batches, with shorter turnaround times than possible using conventional production methods.
  • The electric bus segment isn't the sexiest corner of the greater electric vehicle market. California's Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters aims to change that with a sleek, all-electric bus prototype that might just inspire you ditch to your sports car for a bus pass.
  • Toyota has delivered the first of its Fuel Cell (FC) buses to the Tokyo Bureau of Transportation that will run on a regular route starting in March. The 76-passenger bus is the first of an anticipated fleet of 100 such vehicles being deployed ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • California is once again getting an electric school bus, and this time it's a full-size Type C. The result of carbon market cooperation between Québec and California, the all-electric eLion from Québec's Lion Bus quietly navigates local streets without leaving a cloud of diesel fumes in its wake.
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