Windows 8 will launch without DVD playback

Windows 8 will launch without DVD playback
Windows 8 will give users access to video content through Apps, rather than discs
Windows 8 will give users access to video content through Apps, rather than discs
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Windows 8 will give users access to video content through Apps, rather than discs
Windows 8 will give users access to video content through Apps, rather than discs

Microsoft has announced plans to scrap native DVD playback from Windows 8, instead focusing on improving video streaming abilities by making it easier to access services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Citing a decline globally in physical media sales, Microsoft is investing in a future without discs, and is hoping to keep costs down by removing DVD licensing fees. However, those interested in having access to their collection of DVDs do have options, as Microsoft claims that third party DVD software will be readily available to fill the void where Windows Media Player once was.

The announcement comes off a bit harsh, but it's important to note that this is nothing new, and that Windows hasn't always included native DVD playback. Several editions of Windows Vista, and Windows 7 shipped without DVD playback, but hardware companies filled in the gap, pre-installing DVD software on their machines. Most customers didn't seem to mind this practice then, and the same should hold true now, especially given how popular services like Netflix, and Hulu have become. The decision to remove DVD support proves that Microsoft is committed to making Windows 8 an OS that can fit the needs of tablets as well as traditional PCs.

Unfortunately, it appears Microsoft still isn't above squeezing a bit more cash out of its customers by releasing multiple "editions" of Windows 8. Microsoft intends to release "Windows 8 Pro Edition" with an advertised feature of DVD playback thanks to the inclusion of Windows Media Center. With the availability of third party DVD software not necessarily something that will come up at your average software retailer, we might see many purchasing the "Pro Edition" under the mistaken belief that's the only way to get DVD playback on their machines. Guess that would be a win, win for Microsoft.

Source: MSDN Blogs

Flipider Comm
"Windows 8 Pro Edition"? They make the more expensive Edition easier to use. It should be the easier Edition is for the Dummies. "Windows 8 Pro Dummies Edition" and then they keep you on the phone for 3 hours charging you for tech support. Like Xbox is cheep, but the controllers are expensive.....
I don't have a Tablet PC. I have no use for Windows 8. All I need is Chrome and Xbox. I have Windows 8 & used once & w/ no 1080p. I don't need metro 4 Chrome. I hate IE 10. It makes me feel like I'm using an Archos w/ WiFi 6 years ago.
Mr Stiffy
It's funny since I use Linux almost full time all I can say is that I am no longer doing endless defrags, anti-everything scans and just all this bullS&!t just to keep the OS running.
Xubuntu. Nice. That is Ubuntu with the Xfce interface.
Paul Utry
Criminy... they force us to use a touch screen interface if we want to get anything done, now they're removed windows media player's DVD playback which was a _welcome_ addition. Does this mean they're not going to have the Media Centre in Windows anymore? I mean what kind of media centre won't play DVD's, not to mention all those people that have invested in Blu-ray movies? If this is what we have to look forward to in Win8, then I'll be sticking with Win7 for a great many years to come before making the move to Linux. It's a shame... the media centre (as opposed to the media player) in Windows has been brilliant and easy to use, not to mention set up.
Windows 8 will be the next Windows Me. Garbage. Who am I? Just a lowly WINDOWS programmer. I have zero interest in even looking at Windows 8. When they can make something that will dwarf (or at least compete) with Apple's iOS and Cocoa, then we'll talk. Cocoa's Model-View-Controller approach to ALL their iOS software is light years ahead of the garbage .NET Framework, which lets you make the most nightmarish unmanageable code you can conceive of, and do so FAR easier than you can on iOS. And this from someone who hates Apple. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Wow. I guess that this means that my new PC will come shipped with another crappy third-party DVD demo software. No news here.
Mr Stiffy
@Paul Utry - why wait - make a gradual transition now - download the CD, set up your machine into dual boot and bingo! Your in like Flynne.
And if you have some brains, you can eventually go purely Linux and run any microsoft crapware as a virtual machine....
I think the Ubuntu Xfce "Xubuntu" is the go - very basic - no "idiotic glamour smart phone" style of interface.
Windows 8 will launch with cricket chirp, Windows 7 the new XP.
There's an old saying, goes right back to the days of DOS2.
"Never buy an even-numbered Micro$oft product".
Plus ca change, it seems.
Matt Rings
I tried the Windows 8 beta for about a week... and then went "bleh"... It might be more usable on a tablet, but I use a PC at home and at work... so Windows 7 will just have to last me ten years, I suppose.
I still have Windows XP machines that still rock, and are lightning quick. Why upgrade at all, really?
Charles Bosse
Conundrum: finding an OS that supports the latest games (not Mac or Linux) and drivers (aka not a consul where my hardware is static and always out of date), and finding an OS that is stable and predictable (not, generally, Windows). If Steam were an OS, or ran under Linux, I would install that in a heartbeat - otherwise I will stick with off stable versions of Windows, thanks.
Also, the latest Ubuntu is a little weird too - not the best argument against the Fluff in Windows 8.
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