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March 12, 2008 Nowadays many people use their mobile phone number as their primary contact number, which makes sense with most people carrying their mobile phones with them wherever they go. Once back at the home though, a lot of people prefer to use a regular telephone. The Xlink Bluetooth Gateway from Intellitouch is a phone convergence solution that by lets users combine their landline service and SOHO telephone system with up to three Bluetooth mobile phones and receive or make calls to and from their mobile phone using a standard home/office telephone.

The XLink ITC-BTTN can be used with or without a landline telephone service, while the XLink ITC-BT is for users wanting to dump their landline altogether, however both models allow users to lose the landline while still maintaining the comfort or a standard telephone.

Connecting a standard telephone to the Xlink unit and pairing up to 3 Bluetooth enabled mobile phones allows users to send and receive calls using the standard telephone. If more than one mobile is paired with the unit outgoing calls are automatically routed through the mobile phone paired to the lowest number line, although another paired mobile phone can be manually chosen for outgoing calls if so desired. When receiving incoming calls from multiple mobiles it is possible to identify which phone the calls are coming in on thanks to a different ring pattern. Also, if someone needs to rush out in the middle of a call the call can be disconnected and transferred to the mobile phone with the push of a button. Mobile phone features such as caller ID, call waiting, voice dialing, speed dialing and voicemail access are also all available when using the standard telephone.

With the availability of devices like Xlink and other emerging convergence solutions, we wont have to wait long before the delineation between "fixed phones" and "mobile phones" disappears entirely.

The XLink ITC-BTTN is available for an MSRP of USD$169.99 while the XLink ITC-BT carries a MSRP of USD$159.99.

For further info visit Intellitouch.

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