April 17th 2009 Any budding filmmakers looking to emulate Hollywood style 35mm motion pictures using their own Digital SLR cameras should take a look at the recently released Zacuto Gunstock Shooter series. A combination of industry standard features and compact design is set to see independent filmmaking taken to the next level.

These shoulder mounted “gunstock shooters” emulate the larger equipment used for professional filmmaking however they are light, adjustable, and can adapt to any standard DSLR camera. After spending six months using DSLR’s, Zacuto have designed the series with the purpose of changing the way these cameras are used and it appears they may have done just that.

The shooters feature the “Z-finder” Optical Viewfinder which is attached to the LCD screen of the camera, offering 3x precision focus. This offers the same “form factor” that filmmakers are accustomed to. As well as this an eye cup prevents any “light leaks” that could otherwise result in the operator seeing reflections in the screen.

Up to five points of contact with the body means stability when filming and these add to a smooth transition when moving the camera from a tripod to handheld. Users can opt to add “Z Lite” weights to counter balance the equipment – which itself ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 lbs, depending on the package chosen.

Of the four different options of Gunstock Shooters available, the Sharp Shooter is the most basic, while the Precision Shooter gives the option to mount and power an on-board monitor.

In less than a decade Zacuto have grown from a camera rental house into a worldwide brand known for their expertise in filmmaking accessories – namely because they started making the equipment their clientele needed.

Already being utilised by independent filmmakers, the Gunstock Shooter series ranges in price from USD$1900 to USD$5500. For more information, head to the Zacuto website or check out this video for a hands on demonstration.

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