Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch aren’t exactly devices that lack in the peripheral department, but this is perhaps the biggest and most expensive. On show at CES 2011, the AcuTouch 9500 massage chair from Human Touch works in conjunction with the HT-Connect app to deliver a completely personalized massage via instructions sent over Bluetooth from iOS devices.

While the massage chair comes with its own remote that allows users to select from eight massage programs, downloading the HT-Connect app and using an iOS device extends that number to 16, with more programs to be added in the future. The chair’s AcuPoint Detection system even scans the length of your back and maps key pressure points to allows users to dial in their own customized massage by selecting the areas of the body on your iOS device’s touch screen that you want the chair to work on.

The app will remember your massage preferences and settings and will tailor massage routines based on the time of day. The chair certainly impressed Gizmag's Mike Hanlon, who literally had to be pried out its comforting embrace to continue hunting down stories at CES 2011.

Human Touch’s AcuTouch 9500 will sell for US$5,999 at U.S. retail locations, while the HT-Connect app is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

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