Queuing at the gas pump is no fun, but imagine if everyone in the line was taking hours, not minutes, to top up the tank. Catering for long charging times is one of the challenges of building a workable infrastructure for electric vehicles, and Coulomb Technologies is taking this factor into consideration in the development of its open-platform ChargePoint Network. Last year the company introduced an app that locates the nearest charging station and tells you whether its in use. In its latest innovation, drivers can ease their range anxiety by reserving charging stations ahead of time.

Reservations for the ChargePoint Network are made through a web browser and give drivers unlimited charging station access during their reserved charging session time. Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before the session starts.

As well as helping in the planning of extended EV road trips, the system is designed to help EV drivers make the most of potential charging windows – you can ensure your EV gets a top up while you are at the cinema for example.

"If you are certain you can charge at your destination, it effectively doubles the range of your vehicle since you don't need to cover the round trip with just one charge," said Richard Lowenthal, founder and CTO at Coulomb. "I need to know in advance that a station and EV parking place is waiting and available for me at the mall, or the theater or at a meeting location."