Electric vehicle use is set to expand rapidly, but and one of the short term problems is shaping up to be the availability of charging station infrastructure. Mobile technology seems to have arrived at just the right time to support the most efficient use of what are likely to be scarce resources and this iPhone application from Coulomb Technologies is an early example. It not only allows you to locate the nearest ChargePoint Networked Charging Station but also tells you if the charging station is currently available, in use, out of service.

EV drivers can tap into their GPS to find the nearest charging station anywhere in North America and get turn-by-turn directions to its location. A host of other information is provided, such as whether a station is available, in use or out of service, and sessions can be started and stopped from a user’s device.

The app also offers directions from a user’s current location to where their vehicle is charging as well as statistics on their most recent charge like energy, greenhouse gas savings, and real time notification of the status of their current charge. Users can also access their ChargePoint Network account via the application.

The ChargePoint app is free and available for download from the iTunes Store.

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