DRR USA out of Brunswick, Ohio, has been making gas-powered all-terrain vehicles for almost two decades, and is now moving into a new clean and quiet production zone with the launch of the Stealth Electric ATV.

DRR says that a standard ATV can release more than 20 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere from a single tank of gas, while registering up to 80 on a decibel meter. The Stealth E-ATV quadbike is eco-friendly and lives up to its Stealth moniker. It's been developed for search and rescue personnel, ecologists and environmentalists, but is designed so that any rider can quietly enjoy all-terrain adventures.

"I was watching a news clip about the search for a lost child;the vehicles were so loud," said DRR's Kim DeCuzzi. "With UTVs and ATVs and trucks – I thought – can anyone even hear a cry for help? There has to be a better way to do this."

Currently at the prototype stage, the Stealth E-ATV can travel up to 35 miles (56 km) at full tilt before its swap-out battery pack needs some juice, but the company reckons that riders could get a full 8 hour working day on a single charge if the vehicle is used intermittently.

That per charge range may fall well short of some others in the electric ATV space, such as Canada's Daymak, but riders can carry along additional (optional) battery packs to extend the range.

The Stealth's 4 kW motor can get the E-ATV up to a top speed of 35 mph (56 km/h), and its 72 volt, 4 kWh Li-ion battery unit takes 6 hours to recharge when plugged into any three-prong outlet.

Adjustable dual a-arm suspension helps smooth out the bumps, the Stealth rides on AT25x8-12 front tires and AT25x10-12 rear tires, and has 12 inches of ground clearance with fully enclosed footwells. Four disc brakes provide stopping power.

A digital dashboard shows remaining battery life, plus an odometer and speedo, daytime running lights complement the four front light setup, and turn indicators are in development. Front racks can carry up to 125 lb (57 kg) of gear, while the racks at the back can haul up to 240 lb (109 kg).

DRR USA has launched on Kickstarter to fund production, where pledges start at US$7,500, including off-road helmet and goggles. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in July. The video below has more.

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