After first adding to its line of electric two- and three-wheelers with a four-wheeled variant a couple of years ago, Canada's Daymak has followed up with another electrified all-terrain vehicle. After making some refinements, the new 4WD Beast ATV Ultimate carries over the clean-burning fun of its predecessor, while more than doubling its possible range.

Where 2016's Ultra Beast ATV featured three motors for a total power output of 2,000 W, the Beast ATV Ultimate packs exactly the same punch, but sourced from twin 1,000 W electric motors instead. The new model is also six inches (15 cm) slimmer, with the front wheels brought within the wheel wells to keep muddy midriffs to a minimum.

"That was definitely one of our most common requests, for sure," says Daymak's Akili Sylvester. "We wanted to bring in the front wheel distance without increasing the total price of the unit drastically, so we took some time in the development process and came up with a cost effective solution that does both perfectly."

The Beast ATV Ultimate draws its juice from a 60-V, 40-Ah lithium-ion battery, with a 60-V, 50 Ah lead acid battery also onboard for backup. This standard configuration will afford the vehicle a range of around 100 km (62 mi). But up to seven extra batteries can be built into the vehicle for customers eying longer jaunts, making for a total range of 360 km (223 mi).

Daymak says this makes its new vehicle the longest-range electric all-wheel drive ATV on the market, and it has made a few other tweaks to go with the makeover. Gone is a removable Android tablet and in its place is a more traditional instrument cluster, while the new model also features heated hand grips and a "turbo mode," with top speed listed as 65 km/h (40 mph).

There is an inverter onboard, so mobile devices can be charged using the vehicle's batteries via USB and 110 V outlets. A rear tow ball, high-powered LED headlights and winch also come standard on every model.

Pricing for the Beast ATV Ultimate starts at US$9,999, which includes the single lithium-ion battery and the lead-acid backup. Each additional battery will bump up that price by $2,000 apiece, bringing the total cost of a fully kitted out Beast ATV Ultimate to $23,999.

It is available now from Daymak dealers around the world, and you can check it out in the promo video below.

Source: Daymak

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