Electric mobility scooters are sedate li'l things, designed simply for helping their riders make it down smooth, forgiving sidewalks … right? Well no, not necessarily. Toronto-based Daymak Inc. has just announced the Boomer Beast, an AWD three-wheeler that the company describes as "the first true on-road/off-road mobility scooter in the marketplace."

Like Daymak's existing Beast two-wheeled off-road scooter, the dual-motored Boomer Beast features a built-in 12-watt solar panel that helps trickle-charge the vehicle's 2,580-Wh Panasonic lithium battery when parked. One complete charge, which takes four to six hours using a traditional outlet, takes the scooter up to 90 km (56 miles).

Using an accompanying Android app, users can maximize performance parameters such as acceleration, torque and range. The maximum on-road speed is 15 km/h (9 mph), while the off-road speed tops out at 40 km/h (25 mph).

The Boomer Beast weighs 120 kg (265 lb) and can carry a maximum load of 158 kg (350 lb). Other features include an LED lighting system, cargo rack, trailer hitch, and dual USB charging ports.

It's available in three models, with prices ranging from US$2,999 for the Standard version to $4,999 for the Ultimate (which is the version described in this article). You can see it in action, in the following video.

Source: Daymak

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