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First wide-screen all-in-one Multimedia PC

First wide-screen all-in-one Multimedia PC
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We are spending a greater percentage of our lives viewing screen media than ever before - we work on the PC, we play on the PC and we watch TV and recorded video on a variety of screens. Hy-tek's new 30' multi-function LCD panel with Bose speakers is aiming to offer the very best screen available for all media functions (computer, TV, VCR, DVD, CD).

Hy-Tek showed an interesting wide-screen all-in-one multimedia computer for home and office at the CES earlier this month. The Tek Panel 300 is driven by an Intel Pentium 4 processor and features a state-of-the-art 30" diagonal WXGA TFT/LCD, full-color, wide screen display.

Contained in an ultra-thin 5" profile that can be either wall-mounted or free-standing, the Tek Panel 300 includes a multi-function DVD and CD player, on-board digital VCR, a built-in 125 channel TV tuner, and premium Bose multimedia sound-all operated by wireless remote keyboard with integrated mouse and an easy-to-use pop-up multimedia console.

The Tek Panel 300 is a "highly functional convergence of multimedia technology" says John Bastian, president of Hy-Tek. "We've created an unparalleled platform for both entertainment and work integrating all of the products people want in one unique unit."

Analog and digital compatibility allows viewing of multimedia data from a host of data streams, including NTSC/TV, cable, satellite, DVD and web interactive sources. A multi I/O connectivity block allows instant access for video gaming systems, camcorders and digital cameras.

Fully upgradeable, the unit is supported with 512MB DDR memory, 120GB hard drive and high-powered graphics card-and comes network ready; I/O rich with 10/100 Ethernet, 1394 Firewire and multi-USB connectivity.

The viewing panel has 450 nits of brightness and an ultra-wide 170' viewing angle for crisp, clean, vivid graphics. "Anyone who wants the most complete multimedia capabilities in their home or workplace should consider the Tek Panel 300," says Bastian.

"Whether you use it at home or to command attention in your next business presentation, the Tek Panel 300 provides everything you need."

The product is sold via the web, high-end consumer electronics channels and through VARs. Priced at US$6,495, the Tek Panel 300 is expected to ship in January.

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