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Vibration-free, reactance-canceling, in-wall, subwoofer

Vibration-free, reactance-canceling, in-wall, subwoofer
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August 18, 2006 Artison has announced a very interesting in-wall subwoofer (speaker). Created by world-renowned speaker designer Cary Christie, the RCC 600 is the world’s first and only reactance-canceling, in-wall subwoofer. Built utilizing a revolutionary configuration that eliminates vibrations and sound distortion, the RCC 600 has a sound/bass performance that equals or surpasses that of an oversized floor-standing 12-inch subwoofer. The newly-developed US$2,000 RCC 600 is designed for consumers, builders and interior designers who demand powerful bass and a compact, in-wall design.

“The RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer is the new benchmark for revolutionary subwoofer technology,” said Christie. “Its design is so concise that consumers will be amazed at the sound quality that comes from such a sleek, in-wall product. It is the ideal solution for customers who want deep bass, high quality and performance from their audio system coupled with visual appeal.”

The RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer is perfect for aesthetically-minded audiophiles who want bold sound and great bass, but don’t want to give up precious interior space to bulky stereo equipment. The subwoofer’s unique in-wall design provides interior flexibility unlike any other sub on the market.

Lush bass and full-bodied sound are produced thanks to the RCC 600’s patented Dual Driver Motor assembly. The subwoofer’s separate Rack Mountable 600-watt, Class-D Amplifier uses state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing software, allowing for a customized set up matching a room’s unique sound needs. Edgeless Surround technology maximizes piston area while increasing XMAX in a standard 2” x 4” stud wall installation.

RCC 600’s advanced features, such as automatic room equalization and variable low pass slopes, make the finished installation second to none. Sound controls, like power, gain, movie mode, and music mode, are front panel accessible, giving consumers the ultimate in flexibility and performance. The subwoofer module enclosure made of BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) is both rigid and well damped. The sub’s white finish can be painted to match any interior. RCC 600 measures 23.5”H x 9.5”W after installation. Available now at Artison Dealers across the United States, the RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price is US$2,000.

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