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Freeloader travel solar charger

Freeloader travel solar charger
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March 23, 2007 The Freeloader travel solar charger provides enough free solar energy to power an iPod for 18 hours or a mobile phone for over 40 hours. Equipped with a series of adaptors and connectors, the Freeloader offers the flexibility to solar charge anything from a digital camera to a Sony PSP. Featuring a stylish metallic silver design, this lightweight, space-saving piece of kit can fit on to a bag, rucksack or attach neatly to a jacket or jean pocket. The free energy produced by the Freeloader makes it the most cost efficient way to power up those energy guzzling gadgets on the move.

Whether it's the height of summer or middle of winter, the Freeloader runs off daylight, rather than just direct sunlight - making it the perfect device - whatever the weather. It is also fitted with small panels which will simultaneously power most handheld gadgets whilst absorbing the solar light cells which charge the device's internal Li-ion battery within 3-5 hours. A USB charging cable also enables you to power-up the Freeloader charger through a PC.

The Freeloader is available from Maplin Electronics for £29.99 at its network of 117 stores in the UK and Ireland.

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