Following on from the recent Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS model, Lego has extended its Technic range to include a one-eighth scale, beautiful reproduction of the Bugatti Chiron. Designers visited the Bugatti factory to get hands-on with the iconic supercar and help them create their model, which is 22 in long (56 cm) and issues a 3,599-piece challenge to Lego aficionados around the world.

Beautiful details are everywhere on the scaled down Chiron, from the W16 engine (with moving pistons and an 8-speed gearbox, no less), to the active rear wing that lifts up and down, to a detailed cabin with moving paddle gear shifters, and a "stylish Bugatti overnight bag" under the hood.

The real Bugatti Chiron is capable of doing 0-248.5 mph (400 km/h) in a blistering 42 seconds, but only once you insert a special "speed key" to unlock maximum performance from its massive 1,500-hp quad-turbo engine. The Lego model includes a similar "speed key" of its own, in this case to lift the rear wing up and down.

The end result is pretty stunning, even moreso when photographed next to the real thing to highlight just how faithful the proportions and lines are. For US$349 a pop, it's a touch more expensive than your average Lego kit, and it's also one targeted at kids of the big variety

Enjoy a video detailing the design team's trip to the Bugatti factory below.

Source: Lego

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