Sometimes we need to get away from our busy workplaces, even if just for a small amount of time. A new pod has been designed to provide exactly that sort of refuge. The Orrb is a single-person space in which workers can take short relaxation or learning sessions.

The need for spaces where workers can take time out has inspired a number of pods designed for the office over the years. The CalmSpace, for example, provides an environment in which individuals can take a short power nap, while the Cozy Room simply offers a space to be alone. Although simply being in these pods might help a user to relax to some extent, the Orrb is designed to actively aid the relaxation process.

Founder and CEO of Orrb Technologies Lee McCormack says the Orrb is a response to our increasingly frantic lifestyles. The project was started, he says, over 10 years ago by considering the impact that technology would have on society.

"We asked ourselves, how will the move towards open plan spaces and an always-on culture brought about by the increasing use of technology affect our daily lives?" explains McCormack. "We concluded that these changes would bring about a loss in the quality of personal space, the ability to concentrate and focus and a sense of loss of control in our personal environments. In short, stress."

The Orrb is a 7ft (2.1 m) long and 5 ft (1.5 m) tall pod into which users are able to climb and in which they can enclose themselves by pulling shut the door behind them. Inside, there is a reclining chair and a monitor on which content can be displayed. The content is provided by a subscription service called Orrb X.

Once ensconced in the pod, users can choose either a 5, 10 or 15 minute wellness session. On-screen content and audio through speakers guide the user through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation. The user can then either continue with their working day, relaxed and refreshed, or remain in the Orrb for a learning session. The wellness sessions are said to put users in state of mental focus conducive to learning.

In addition to the learning and development content, Orrb X acts as a delivery and booking management platform. It is also possible for organizations to upload their own training content.

The standard package for the Orrb is US$9,950 with a $400 per month subscription fee for Orrb X. The maximum number of employees allowed per single Orrb is 50 to ensure that there is adequate availability for its usage.

The video below provides an introduction to the Orrb.

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