Even the most gregarious people occasionally need some alone time. Many choose garden sheds or outbuildings as their place of solitude, while others choose the spare room. But a new option has arrived in the form of Cozy Room, a personal isolation chamber that contains everything you could wish for from a man (or woman) cave.

The Japanese manufacturers of Cozy Room describe it as a "relaxation room for man and woman." Unfortunately, any thoughts of sharing some alone time together with your significant other are shattered by the fact that Cozy Room is only designed to hold one person at a time. The whole thing measures 205 x 120 cm (81 x 47 in), but that shrinks considerably when the chair is pushed in to encase the incumbent on all sides.

Cozy Room comprises a single, high-backed chair which slides into a cubicle, the back of the chair becoming the fourth wall of the square unit. Inside is a desktop for a laptop or keyboard, room to hang a TV or monitor, an LED light, a display rack for action figures, and enough drawers and shelves to store all of your favorite personal belongings.

While there are air vents enabling the inhabitant to carry on breathing, Cozy Room doesn't have air conditioning – meaning it could get really stuffy really quickly. There is also no plumbing and no built-in fridge, rather limiting the amount of time you could spend in Cozy Room in one sitting.

For those still interested, Cozy Room is available to pre-order for JPY798,000 (around US$8,000).

Source: Kagu Cozy via Kotaku

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