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Skateboard folds to the size of a laptop

Skateboard folds to the size of a laptop
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Skateboarding isn't new, and there's a whole generation of twenty and thirty-something year olds who have lost many a square inch of skin while honing remarkable skills on these devices once seen as a solely juvenile pastime. But as much fun as they may be, they are still fairly rudimentary devices which are a pain to carry due to their size and weight, which doesn't sit all that well with a suit. Enter the StowBoard - use it to get from point A to point much faster than you'd ever do walking and then fold its generous 31" length to just under 11" for stowage. In fact, the stowed board is probably smaller than your notebook.

We like this idea - mainly because the skateboard is very practical transportation device and the design overcomes many of the practical downsides (like carrying it) and primarily because it gets relatively good reviews from the hardcore skateboard fraternity which has proven to be resistant to any changes to the basic design, even when the new skateboard design is superior on the surface (such as BMW's XXXXX).

To ride the StowBoard, simply unfold it and place your dominant foot in the front cradle, rest your back foot on the tail/rear assembly and you're ready to go.

One of the other very clever features we like is that the Stowboard can be purchased with several accessory items which convert it into either a wheeled rolling backpack (sort of like an travel trolley) or a backpack with plenty of storage and a separate compartment for the board in its stowed position.

The StowBoard sells in America for USD$99 (AUD$130) and is available in Australia through BigW stores.


View gallery - 6 images
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