Following its novel renovation of Madrid apartment Didomestic, architecture firm Elii took on a similarly quirky makeover of another flat in Spain's capital. Susaloon features flexible folding furniture installed throughout in a bid to maximize available space.

Completed in 2014, Susaloon draws its name from its owner Susana, and comprises a total floorspace of 23.5 sq m (252 sq ft), which is split between a kitchen, hall, bathroom, storage room, lounge, drawing room, and bedroom.

The apartment is likened to a Swiss Army knife by the architects due to its flexibility, and features folding furniture and small hidden storage nooks. This enables the owner to keep the floorspace empty for when she holds parties or practices yoga. The fold-down furniture includes a bed, storage space, dining table, an ironing board, and even an acupuncture table. A small work area is also hidden from view when not in use, and a sliding wall can be moved to partition off a room.

The home joins several other utilitarian Madrid apartment makeovers we've covered lately, including the Pop-Up House and All I Own House. For a better idea of how the folding furniture works and the home's layout, check out the video below by architectural photographer Miguel de Guzmán.

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