When you're living in a small home, flexible furniture and clever design can make daily life that much easier. Spanish firm PKMN Architectures recently renovated a small one story villa in Madrid, and in the process transformed the interior with innovative modular units which can be easily moved around to create flexible living and work spaces.

The All I Own House was completed in August this year and serves as both home and working studio for a client who inherited the villa from her grandparents. The decor is distinctly utilitarian, but appealing, and brings to mind other space-saving accommodation like Didomesticby Elii and Kitoko Studio's renovation of a maid's room in Paris.

The villa comprises a total floorspace of 50 sq m (538 sq ft), which is split roughly in half. The area nearest the front door features a large sparsely-furnished living area, but the rear of the home is far more interesting ...

PKMN Architectures installed three sliding suspended wooden units which separate the interior into flexible spaces. The units feature bookshelves and plenty of storage, and there's even a kitchen counter and large double bed integrated into the units, too.

The first unit can be moved to one side to create a studio and kitchen, while the second unit features the bed on one side, and bookshelf on the other. It's a pretty flexible – if potentially laborious – system, but if you had guests over, for example, you could make the kitchen and dining area larger than usual to accommodate them.

Despite weighing up to 800 kg (1,763 lb) when fully loaded with books and clothes, the firm reports that the units can easily be moved with one hand, thanks to the industrial-spec Hepco rails and wheels used.

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