Thai debut for Mitsubishi's new Triton pickup truck

Thai debut for Mitsubishi's new Triton pickup truck
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August 26 2005 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced today the release on the Thailand market of the new “Triton” 1-ton pickup truck. Replacing the current Strada after a full redesign, the new Triton pickup is assembled at Mitsubishi Motors local facility in Laem Chabang, Thailand. Following the Thai launch, the company plans to start shipping this pickup model to other countries and regions, and thus, it is expected to play a major role in terms of the Company’s global market strategy and of achieving the Mitsubishi Motors Revitalization Plan.

Triton has been developed as a global strategic model to the following three key concepts:1 To fully satisfy user needs in terms of pickup economy, durability and reliability;2 To offer levels of quality that further raise and consolidate the standing of the Mitsubishi Motors brand on a global scale;3 To accommodate the needs of a broad customer base not limited to commercial use.

The major features that distinguish the new Triton pickup are: An original and stylish exterior/interior design that adds a sporty dash to pickup toughness; packaging that provides a best-in-class roomy interior living space; and suspension and interior appointments that realize sedan levels of comfort and ride. These elements serve both to highlight the originality and advanced qualities Triton brings to the pickup segment and also to eliminate the commonly held image of a pickup being a vehicle design purely for commercial use. As such, these characteristics are expected to make a major contribution in expanding the customer base for Mitsubishi brand pickup trucks.

Triton models are powered by a newly-developed common rail direct injection diesel engine that delivers high outputs while returning low consumption, clean emissions and quiet operation. Other customer-winning features include a new body with top-rating crashworthiness in the class and a Dakar Rally-honed four-wheel drive system that delivers outstanding all-surface performance. The attractive design and go-anywhere component specification puts the Triton next-generation pickup ahead of the market in all aspects of performance.

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