Award winning surf-rescue vehicle

Award winning surf-rescue vehicle
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The Australian Design Awards tour reaches Queensland this week and as part of our ongoing coverage Gizmo this week takes a look at the 2002 "Gold" winner of the Student Design Awards - "Goldie", the world's first handheld electric Surf Rescue Vehicle (SRV). Goldie is a safe and inexpensive electric SRV concept designed to give life-saving organizations greater access to effective rescue equipment. Weighing just 10-15 kg and reaching speeds of 10-15 km/h, Goldie will be safer than inflatable rubber boats and jet skis - which travel at 30-50km/h and have been known to cause accidents while rescuing swimmers - as well as costing around one tenth of the price. The electrically powered SRV can run for up to 5 hours before recharging is required and is better for the environment than petrol powered vehicles as well as being able to travel underwater and importantly, beneath waves. Goldie's foam filled fibreglass body is ridden by lying face first and gripping handles on either side of the front section, a bit like a boogie board with a motor. The designer, Paul Manczak of Monash University, liased with Surf Lifesaving Victoria to ensure that the SRV meets all safety, manoeuvrability and ergonomic requirements.

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