The exhibition halls at Messe Frankfurt are a fertile hunting ground for lovers of concept cars, as automakers unveil vehicles that give a glimpse of possible future design directions, technologies that might be integrated into forthcoming production models, or pure flights of fancy. This year proved no different, with concept vehicles big and small, practical and absurd, strutting their stuff on the Frankfurt stage.

Although we’ve already cast an eye on some of the leading concepts, such as the Audi Nanuk, Jaguar C-X17, Kia Niro and Infiniti Q30 concepts, we'd be writing exclusively about concept cars until the Geneva Motor Show if we tried to give every concept vehicle in Frankfurt its own spotlight. So, we’ve compiled a one-stop concept vehicle gallery showcasing everything from compact urban commuter vehicles, such as the Smart Fourjoy and Citroen Cactus, through to drool-worthy luxury from the likes of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and Cadillac Elmiraj. We also take another look at those aforementioned concepts we’ve already covered in detail.

So check out the gallery and have a go at predicting which designs and technologies will make it into future production vehicles, and which will be relegated to the concept car scrap heap.

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