September 27, 2008 He made it! Earlier this week we reported on the incredible challenge undertaken by Fusionman Yves Rossy in attempting to fly solo across the English Channel using his home-made jet-powered wing, a feat he successfully completed on Thursday at 1:19 BST when he parachuted into Dover less than 15 minutes after leaving the skies above France. Great picture gallery of the event.

The historic flight was delayed twice due to bad weather, but all went smoothly on Thursday when Rossy leaped from a plane 8,000 ft above Calais and unfolded his 8 ft wide jet-wing to begin the 22 mile crossing. There was even a chance for a few celebratory loops above the White Cliffs of Dover before deploying his parachute and returned safely to earth where a police escort was needed to assist him away from excited onlookers.

Visit the gallery for more images of Fusionman in action, read our previous coverage here or visit the Fusionman site.

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