September 22, 2008 Later this week FusionMan Yves Rossy will attempt the first solo jet-propelled flight across the English channel. Using a new single jet wing he unveiled in May, and which has already been tested over the distance (Rossy flew 35 kilometers in ten minutes during the test – an average 210 mph). The event will be broadcast live by National Geographic Channel in 165 countries and will also be streamed live online. Check out the image gallery – quite simply amazing. Good luck FusionMan!

We’ve previously covered Rossy’s exploits here, but he's done so much more since then and we fully expect that the former fighter pilot will be the toast of the town come Wednesday evening. Bookmakers currently have the flight pioneer at odds-on to complete the challenge successfully. Interestingly, his web site hints that further challenges are not far away, including a new take-off procedure that doesn’t involve him jumping out of an airplane to start with.

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