• ​Research suggests that Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico could do long-lasting damage to Texas wildlife. Scientists say additions could threaten endangered plants and animals as well as threaten ecotourism in Texas.
  • A future where drones drop off your online orders is another step closer this week after a new record was set for the world's longest drone delivery. On May 5, a fixed-wing HQ-40 UAV carried a package more than 97 miles, under the watchful eye of the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS).
  • The demand for housing in cities has led to the emergence of "micro apartment" blocks, which typically offer cleverly designed compact homes at a lower cost that standard-sized apartments. It's claimed that one such development in Houston, Texas, will be the largest of its kind.
  • Hand Crafted. In Austin it's a high art. Only in its second year, the Handbuilt Show is an invitational showcase for hand crafted motorcycles that has rapidly set the standard and totally raised the bar. What happens when you put the best motorcycle crafters in the world together in one room?
  • The office of Texas Governor Rick Perry has revealed that SpaceX has selected Brownsville, Texas as the site of a new launch facility for sending commercial satellites into orbit.