When humans rush a meal, indigestion can ensue. In dogs however, it can lead to bloat – a potentially fatal condition. Northmate’s Green helps avoid this by slowing down your dog’s eating, making mealtimes into a challenging game in the process.

As food is placed upon the bowl, Green’s 43 blades of safe plastic “grass” make it difficult for the dog to get a proper grip on the food, leading to several minutes of entertainment, and requiring the canine in question to make an effort for its meal.

Northmate reckons its product can slow mealtimes down to a comparative crawl, and the video footage below shows a Jack Russell taking over 20 minutes to complete a meal which would presumably take mere seconds otherwise.

It’s important to note that Green does not completely eradicate the risk of bloat, as the condition is linked to several factors, depending on breed and environment. However, like similar products such as BetterBowls, the Aikiou bowl, and DogPause, Green should help lower the odds, while providing some additional stimulation at mealtimes, too.

Green is offered in three shades of, well, green, for US$34. The promo video below shows the unit in use.

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