Aikiou pet food bowls make for happier, healthier mealtimes

Aikiuo interactive bowl for dogs
Aikiuo interactive bowl for dogs
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Aikiuo interactive bowl for dogs
Aikiuo interactive bowl for dogs
Stimulo interactive bowl for cats
Stimulo interactive bowl for cats
Aikiuo interactive bowl for dogs
Aikiuo interactive bowl for dogs

Long before before the days of canned food and canine coffee, dogs had to work for their supper. Stimulating these natural hunting and foraging instincts is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy – as well as preventing your Chesterfield lounge from being torn to shreds – and this "interactive dog food dish" is designed to do just that. The paw-shaped Aikiou (pronounced "IQ") bowl is made up of a series of compartments with sliding covers where food can be concealed, turning mealtime from a slobbering free-for-all into an entertaining and challenging exercise that will help keep Fido's mind and body fit.

The central compartment of the bowl has a revolving lid that only lets your pet access one of the six compartments at a time. There's also sliding covers on each of the four "toes" so there's plenty of problem solving involved to boost your pets mental stimulation.

Because your dog can't just scoff down an entire meal in one foul swoop, the Aikiou bowl (like the DogPause Bowl) makes eating slower and therefore helps prevent digestive and weight problems.

The Aikiou bowl is made from recyclable food grade plastic and has rubber grips on the base to ensure it doesn't end up in the neighbors front yard as your dog forages for food. It is also dishwasher safe – which could come in handy given that all those compartments make the bowl more difficult to clean.


Here kitty kitty

Aikiou also produces a version for cats – the Stimulo. This design sports a series of tubes which require the cat to use its paws to access the food.


The Aikiou dog and cat models are both priced at US$28.95 There's also a Parrot version on the way.

Elena Wright
This Aikiou dogfood dispenser is ingenious.
Matt Rings
Great idea. We had a \"Food cube\" for years, in which you placed small dry food kibble. As the dog knocked it around the floor, tipping and rolling it, a few pieces at a time would fall from the cube...making for a very entertaining time for us, and really slowed down our dog from gulping food and air that occurs from traditional bowls, which can lead to vomiting occasionally.
Sam Owner
My Samoyed would love this. It would disappear along with her food - all as part of her diet!