November 16, 2007 Next time you go out for gourmet coffee with your pampered pooch, fido won’t need to sit miserably under the table lapping at a tasteless bowl of water. Doggy Java is caffeine free, beef flavored “coffee” for dogs served in a Canine Cappuccino Cup with a Bonescotti Biscuit.

Doggy Java comes in a coffee bag and looks like coffee when mixed with water, but it is in fact the first, Veterinarian–approved, all natural, liquid vitamin drink treat for dogs. It works by inducing a dog's desire to drink water and at the same time providing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Making a healthy treat was the top priority for Doggy Java creator Mari Justin. “Most dog owners are unaware that many health problems associated with dogs are due to dehydration. Our bodies are mostly made of water and so are our dogs,” Justin said.

Available from the Doggy Java website now and in stores in December, a 30-day supply of Doggy Java powdered treat mix sells individually for USD$14.95, or may be purchased as part of a Combo Kit that includes a 36oz. Doggy Java Canine Cappuccino Cup and a Bonescotti Biscuit for USD$24.95.

With Americans and Europeans alone spending around US$17 billion per year on pet food (soberingly that's $4 billion more than the estimated annual additional total needed to provide basic health care and nutrition for everyone in the world), there's bound to be a following for this gourmet product from celebrity pet owners and every day dog lovers alike.