DogPause dog bowl - nothing to scoff at

DogPause dog bowl - nothing to...
DogPause dog bowl
DogPause dog bowl
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DogPause dog bowl
DogPause dog bowl

May 15, 2008 Anyone with a dog knows that when you put food in front of them, it disappears pretty quickly. The DogPause dog bowl is being marketed as a “healthy way to feed your dog” as it slows them down to make sure they digest their food properly.

The bowl’s design slows eating to reduce effects of fast-eating such as choking, vomiting, gas and even life-threatening bloat; a condition linked to fast eating that occurs when a dog's stomach twists and blocks the digestive process. Dog Pause is divided into four feeding zones, dubbed “SlowZones”, by a cross of plastic with a dog face at the top. This means that unlike with open feeding bowls, the dog has to work a little harder to get the food out which thereby reduced their ability to gulp down food quickly. It also provides an integrated means of portion control for overweight pets. Each SlowZone is represents a half cup of food so pet owners can better monitor their animal’s food intake.

In independent clinical trials, DogPause slowed down dogs by an average of 50% compared to a typical bowl. Popular breeds notorious for fast eating, such as Labrador retrievers and Rottweilers, were slowed down an average of 70%.

The DogPause bowl costs US$17.95.

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