Nissan's new enhanced on-board navigation system will provide drivers with more information to make safer and greener driving decisions. The company is launching an automotive navigation system that uses intelligent transportation system (ITS) infrastructure and other advanced technology to warn drivers of low-visibility intersections, school zones, and navigation-linked speed control. The navigation system can also recommend faster route calculations, which can lead to fuel savings.

The new navigation system, which the company says is the world’s first to incorporate ITS information in a production vehicle, will be included on the next generation Nissan Fuga late in 2009 in Japan.

The Nissan Fuga is a full-sized luxury car pitched against the Honda Legend, Toyota Crown, BMW 5 series, Mercedes-Benz E-class and Audi A6.

ITS technology capitalizes on modern communication and information technology networks and can be incorporated into existing transportation management systems in order to optimize vehicle life, fuel efficiency and safety. It is also viewed as one method of reducing traffic congestion by advising motorists of traffic hazards and alternate routes.

    Nissan's new navigation system will include four advanced features in addition to the standard functions:
  • intersection/signal warning
  • elementary school-zone alerts
  • navigation-linked speed control
  • enhanced route search and calculation
  • Nissan says the goal of the enhanced navigation system is to help prevent accidents at intersections and raise awareness for safer driving.

    Safety features

    Intersection and signal warning Using information transmitted from the Driving Safety Support System (DSSS), drivers can receive audible and display warnings when approaching some low-visibility intersections.

    School zone alerts

    When the vehicle enters an elementary school zone and the system determines that a safety warning is appropriate, based on real-time vehicle information (speed, acceleration, braking, etc.), it provides audible and display warnings to direct driver attention. This feature is already available in the recently-released Nissan Skyline Crossover.

    Green driving features

    Navigation-linked speed control

    The system can slow the vehicle’s speed through engine braking, for instance, if it determines the car is traveling too fast for the sharpness of a corner or is approaching a tollgate too quickly. This can also make driving more fuel efficient. This feature is currently in use on the Nissan Eco series, a line of greener cars released in Japan in April.

    Faster route searches

    Using probe data (wireless) traffic information from individual vehicles sent to the Carwings Center, this system supplies information for roads, such as waiting times at intersections and traffic signals and delivers it to other vehicles in the area. Using this information for route calculation makes route searches more precise, moves traffic faster, reduces traffic congestion and promotes greener driving.

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