Architect-designed Ramp House is a skaters dream pad

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Main ramp in living room

Main ramp in living room. View gallery (6 images)

April 2, 2009 For skating lovers who heard the phrase ‘don’t you dare skate in the house’ one too many times as a kid, this might just be the dream home you’ve always wanted. The unique dwelling is described as having a ‘curved form interior’ (otherwise known as a ramp), but it's not just 'a house with a ramp in it'. Archivirus Architecture and Design's creation sets out to deliver a completely 'skatable habitat' for the client (which is not actually Tony Hawk -he has his half-pipe built in the backyard) with smooth concrete and curved spaces to enhance the idea of motion.

Located in Athens, Greece, the Ramp House is actually a roof addition to an existing three-storey building that includes a balcony, also with a ramp on it (good idea or bad idea?). The main ramp is in the living room, with a partition to the kitchen. It is a mixture of wood and concrete, with storage units and a fireplace built into the ramp forms.

Jamilah Le

Via Architectural Review via Gizmodo.

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