The Baladeo Eco133 is the multi-tool for adventurers that don't have time to eat with a proper knife and fork at a three-leaf dining room table. The five-function tool adds little weight or bulk to your load, but it brings everything you need to enjoy a semi-civilized meal. It appears to be well-suited to fast-and-light wilderness travelers of all kinds.

Baladeo has offered the similar ECO100 fork-and-knife multi-tool for several years. In creating the 133, it trimmed all the fat, creating a tool that's "worth its weight" in even the lightest of packs.


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The knife and spork of the ECO133 fold up and lock together for travel. In addition to the three standard table utensils, the tool packs a can opener and bottle opener. Its skeletal stainless steel design keeps weight down to 52 grams (1.8 oz) – less than a quarter of the weight of the seven-function ECO100. The knife's handle is polycarbonate and it comes with a mesh case.

The ECO133 is available in Europe for around €50. It's new to the U.S. market and is available on MoonTrail for US$49.

Source: Baladeo

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