We were mighty impressed by the Mo-Fi headphones from Blue Microphones when we reviewed them last year, but they were a little weighty and quite expensive. Today the company has revealed the Lola headphones, which feature the same 50 mm custom drivers, "ear-shaped" pads and multi-jointed headband as the Mo-Fi, but are lighter and cheaper. They are lacking in one important area though.

"Popular mass-marketed headphones don't live up to their hype, robbing listeners of the emotional impact that can come from listening to their favorite music," said Blue's CEO John Maier.


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The new sealed over-ear member of the Blue family sports the same kind of four point, multi-jointed headband with pivoting arms as the Mo-Fi headphones, which we found excellent for long-haul comfort, but in a lighter and slimmer form. The tension adjustment mechanism has also been removed from the new models, making them a little less top heavy, too.

Also included are the 50 mm fiber-reinforced dynamic drivers encased in large acoustic cabinets for the promise of accurate sound reproduction across a 15 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range. But the Lola headphones don't have a built-in amp to help boost, or even improve, the source audio. The lack of battery, too, means the overall weight is reduced from the Mo-Fi's 16.44 oz (466 g) to 14 oz (397 g).

The Mo-Fi headphones offered a quality, detailed listen in passive, unpowered mode, though, so expectations are high that the Lolas will deliver in that regard as well. We can't say for sure without taking them for a test drive, however.

The Lola headphones come supplied with a soft travel case, a 1.5 m (5 ft) cable with inline remote and a 3 m remote-free audio cable. They'll be available in black or white from early next month for US$249.99.

The new headphones are introduced in the video below.

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