October 11, 2007 DSPCon has launched the DataFlex-500TM, a portable, high-speed data recorder designed for field-testing of jet engines, turbine pumps, combat vehicles and precision weapons systems. The unit, weighing less than 22 lbs., features real-time playback, display and analysis, and provides a sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples per second.

The DataFlex-500 has been specifically designed to provide rapid data recording, real-time analysis and archiving of up to 64 channels. DSPCon has designed the unit to be suited to field-testing by giving it a durable outer housing and keeping it fully transportable, at a size that can fit into standard aircraft overhead racks.

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The device also features an open-standards, non-proprietary design architecture, standard 32-channel capacity, a bandwidth of up to 115 kHz and a fully integrated software suite that includes MultiScopeTM, which combines the functionality of 32 oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers in one package to deliver real-time, in-line and post-test analysis for a variety of rotating machinery, acoustic frequency, shock and vibration applications.

All DataFlex-500 models come complete as fully integrated, PC-based, one-box solutions including high-resolution 17-inch LCD screen, full-size, break-proof detachable keyboards and durable all-aluminum bodies with EMI shielding. Prices for a standard 32-channel system start at US$25,000 with 64-channel systems starting at US$40 and lease programs are also available.

Feature Highlights:

  • Records data while performing extensive displays and real-time data tests at bandwidths up to 115kHz
  • Sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples/second
  • High capacity recording – standard 750 Gbyte SATA drive
  • Remote monitoring and control via dual-port Ethernet
  • Supports a wide variety of data extraction options, including Ethernet, DVD or USB, removable media (NTFS format)
  • Supports wide variety of signal conditioning
  • Numerous storage, configuration and display options available
  • Specifications Highlights:

  • Sampling Rate: Range: up to 256,000 samples/second, Resolution: .001 samples/ second
  • Bandwidth: Up to 115 kHz
  • Recording Capacity: Over 800 hours (standard 32-channels @ 4,000 samples/sec), over 6 hours (optional 64-channels @ 256,000 samples/sec)
  • Frequency Response: +/- 0.1 dB, DC to 90 kHz up to 200,000 samples/sec
  • Input Anti-alias Filter: Analog: 2-pole Butterworth at 320 kHz
  • Digital: Sigma-Delta @ .4535 x Sample Rate
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated to +/-0.05%, traceable NIST
  • IRIG-B: Input with time stamping to 1 msec accuracy
  • DSPCon, Inc, is a supplier of dynamic data acquisition, analysis, archiving and recording solutions military, aerospace and rotating machinery applications.