GoPro's release of its long-awaited Karma drone didn't exactly go to plan, with thousands recalled due to power failure, but customers can still get a taste of the drone's camera technology – albeit on level ground. The company has now begun sales of the Karma Grip, which is a handheld camera stabilizer much like competitor's DJI's Osmo.

The Karma Grip shipped with the Karma drone and appeared a clever way of giving GoPro's debut quadcopter a point of difference. It allowed users to detach the drone's 3-axis camera stabilizer and fix it to the end of the pole, turning it into a motorized, handheld device for grabbing smooth shots on the ground.


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With the drone out of action, GoPro is now pressing ahead with the separate sale of the Karma Grip. The sophisticated selfie stick has a battery life of one hour 45 minutes, and ships ready to use with the GoPro Hero 5 Black.

It works with the Hero 4 too, though you'll need to buy a US$30 harness to make the camera fit. And it will also be able to handle a Hero 5 Session, though owners of that camera will need to wait until Spring 2017 (Northern Hemisphere) for the harness to become available. The Karma Grip is available now for $300.

You can check out the promo video below.

Source: GoPro

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