Giving dead lightbulbs a new lease on life

The Oyule turn the incandescent bulb into the very thing it replaced

Everything (well, one thing anyway) old is new again, and vice versa with an oil lamp made from a reclaimed incandescent light globe. The work of industrial designer Sergio Silva, the Oyule lamps are his attempt to “send the bulbs back in time”, at a period when the incandescent bulb is itself being replaced by newer lighting technology.

The bulbs are filled with non-flammable paraffin oil, while a fiberglass wick replaces the filament. To ensure the bulbs don’t pose too much of a fire hazard, Silva has placed a spherical neodymium magnet inside the bulb that corresponds to a steel component embedded in the Oyule’s acrylic base. This ensures the bulbs stay upright.

Such industrial design irony doesn’t come cheap, however. Each hand-made set of two Oyule lamps will be sold in a limited edition of 66 sets for US$650 – including shipping – and will be sent with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by Sergio Silva.

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