Pelican has added four lightweight sporty backpacks to its expanding ProGear range, which already includes the Urban Backpacks and Smart Wallet announced recently. The new models feature light rip-stop nylon and either a crushproof, watertight hard case or a rigid compartment to protect treasured electronics while you concentrate on being daring and intrepid.

"Each bag is created with the same Pelican-tough DNA as found in our products used by the military" said Pelican's CEO Lyndon Faulkner. "We are incorporating this professional protection into our consumer goods."


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Both Elite models feature a crushproof Pelican hard case to help keep laptops, MacBooks, netbooks, e-readers, tablets, keyboards and other accessories safe and out of harm's way. In common with Pelican's military-grade classic case products, they also benefit from a watertight o-ring seal with an automatic pressure equalization valve to ensure gadgets and water don't mix. The Elite Backpacks also come supplied with a set of four adhesive memory foam buffers to help make sure that contents are secured for travel.

The 18.5 x 13 x 10-inch (46.99 x 33.02 x 25.4-cm), 7.14-pound (3.23-kg) S100 Elite Laptop Backpack caters for all 15-inch laptops and 17-inch Apple products. It has a 25-liter main storage capacity and bottom-expanding sling storage, while the interior of the top-loading, TSA-ready protective case has interior dimensions of 15.15 x 10.4 x 1 inches (38.48 x 26.41 x 2.54 cm). There's also a rigid front plate and ergonomic ventilated back panel for tablet device protection.

It features a SureGrip soft rubber handle, floating shoulder straps and lumbar pad, a chest clip and a removable hip belt. This model will be available October 12 for a suggested retail price of US$269.95.

The 20 x 13 x 10-inch (50.8 x 33.02 x 25.4-cm), 6.75-pound (3.06-kg) S140 Elite Tablet Backpack has the same SureGrip handle, floating shoulder straps and lumbar pad but benefits from a padded lumbar storage cavity in addition to its 20.5-liter main storage compartment. Being designed for tablets, notebooks and small netbooks (with perhaps enough room to throw in a tablet keyboard), the TSA-ready Pelican hard case has interior measurements of 10.4 x 7.6 x 1.3 inches (26.41 x 19.3 x 3.3 cm), and there's a rigid front plate and ventilated back panel, too.

The S140 is currently shown as in stock for $239.95.

Neither of the remaining models in the new collection feature a Pelican hard case but offer impact protection for the gadgets within. The 19 x 13 x 10-inch (48.26 x 33.02 x 25.4 cm), 3.68-pound (1.66-kg) S105 Laptop Backpack has a 19.5-liter main storage capacity and has been designed for the transport of the same sized notebooks as the S100, and benefits from what's described as an impact-protective frame for all-round protection. There's an integrated laptop sleeve, a rigid front plate and deep-ventilated channel back panel.

This model will cost you $139.95 when it's made available on October 12.

The 19 x 12.5 x 8-inch (48.26 x 31.75 x 20.32-cm) S145 Tablet Backpack is the lightest of the bunch at 2.3 pounds (1.04 kg), yet offers a generous 21-liter main storage compartment. This model features an impact-protected tablet sleeve with rigid front plate and has a similar deep-ventilated channel back panel to the S105 Elite model.

The S145 is currently shown as available for a suggested retail price of $109.95.

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